What Happens if You Don’t Service Your Air Conditioning System?

Just like other appliances in your Adelaide home, airconditioning units also require regular servicing. Otherwise, your air conditioning system will not be able to keep your Adelaide home at a desired temperature. That is why you should never skip your air conditioning maintenance appointments. 

Although airconditioning systems are a significant long-term investment, many Adelaide homeowners neglect maintenance. This is because they do not believe regular servicing is vital to their air conditioning system. 

However, even the highest-quality, most durable air conditioning units still need regular maintenance. In general, airconditioning systems require servicing at least once a year. 

Here is why you should never ignore your Adelaide airconditioning system service:

Poor Indoor Air Quality


Your Adelaide airconditioning system is not just useful for cooling or heating your home. One of the main functions of airconditioning units is to filter the air inside your Adelaide house. The airconditioning filter removes the dust and other airborne particles that can harm your health. 

Without regular maintenance, your Adelaide air conditioning filter will become dirty. As a result, it will not be able to clean the air you breathe. Instead, the air will pass through dirty, clogged filters and get distributed throughout your Adelaide home.

Higher Electricity Bills


As the dust and dirt accumulate on your Adelaide airconditioning filters, they will eventually get clogged. This will affect the efficiency of your Adelaide air conditioning system. As a result, you will notice unusual increases in your power bills.

Trying to push the air through clogged filters requires more effort. As a result, your Adelaide air conditioning system will have to work harder to push the air out. This extra effort translates into more electricity consumption.



The function of the thermostat to read the indoor temperature and tell your Adelaide airconditioning system to turn off and on accordingly. By neglecting airconditioning maintenance, over time, the thermostat can start to malfunction. As a result, your Adelaide airconditioning system will not turn on and off automatically as it is supposed to. This will not just wear out your air conditioning unit. It will also cause uncomfortable fluctuations in the temperature.

Costly Repairs


Regular air conditioning servicing will enable you to catch any issues and repair them on time. Otherwise, air conditioning problems can escalate quickly. In addition, they will be more costly to repair. You might even need to replace your Adelaide air conditioning system. 

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