How Do Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems Work?

How Do Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems Work?

With all the air conditioning options in the market today, choosing one for your Adelaide home can be confusing. If you get a cooling unit, your Adelaide home will be uncomfortable in the winter. 

But, on the other hand, with a heating unit, the Adelaide hot summer will become unbearable. Only reverse cycle air conditioning can solve your dilemma.

A reverse cycle air conditioning unit can keep your Adelaide home at your desired temperature all year around. Reverse cycle air conditioning can do both heating and cooling. That is why reverse cycle air conditioning is a popular choice amongst Adelaide homeowners. 

Here is all you need to know about reverse cycle air conditioning:

What Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?


Unlike other types of air conditioning systems, the reverse cycle can perform both heating and cooling. That does not mean that reverse cycle air conditioning is weaker than other systems. 

On the contrary, reverse cycle air conditioning can heat and cool your Adelaide home more efficiently. It will save you the money and hassle of installing other air conditioning systems in your Adelaide house. 

How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?


Other air conditioning systems create heat to warm up your Adelaide home in the winter. Reverse cycle air conditioning does not do that. It works under the “Heat Exchange” principle. That is why reverse cycle air conditioning is more energy efficient. 

In the winter, reverse cycle air conditioning absorbs the heat from outside and transfers it inside your Adelaide home. To cool your Adelaide house, reverse cycle air conditioning works the other way around. Just as the name suggests, it removes the heat from the inside and transfers it outdoors.

Why Choose Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?


Transferring heat is by far more energy-efficient than creating it. That is why reverse cycle air conditioning is considered one of the most efficient systems in the market today. Not only will reverse cycle air conditioning save you money on your Adelaide monthly power bills. 

It will also save you the cost of buying, installing, and servicing multiple heating and cooling units. You will have all the functions you need in just one system. 

At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we have all your Adelaide air conditioning needs covered. We are just a warehouse. That is why we specialize in the supply of air conditioning systems and their associated components. To keep our pricing down, we do not do designs or organize air conditioning installations. 

If you are after a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, you can send us the design you want. 

One of our team will happily price it for you. If you want split system reverse cycle air conditioning, we can also help. Just send us the room measurements, and we will advise you on the size and price of the split system reverse cycle air conditioning unit. 

Make your Adelaide home comfortable all year around. Order your reverse cycle air conditioning system now!

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