Air conditioners have become an essential part of our daily lives in Adelaide. They are the key to comfort in every Adelaide home or business. 

Split systems are one of the most popular air conditioners in the market today. They are cost-efficient and easy to install. 

Like any air conditioner, split systems are considered an investment. To make your investment in split systems worth the money, you need to choose a reliable brand name. 

This will guarantee that your Adelaide split systems will work efficiently for years. 

When it comes to split systems, there are a few brand names that top the Adelaide market:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 

With over 130 years of innovation and engineering excellence, these split systems are the best in the market today. 

Their rich history enables them to always deliver high quality split systems your Adelaide home or business can rely on. Do not worry about your interior design. These split systems are very visually appealing. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split systems are also powerful. They will keep your Adelaide property cool even in the hottest weather. 

The Japanese-engineered technological advancement allows these split systems to work effortlessly through the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. All this power does not mean compromising on convenience. These split systems are one of the quietest in the market.


Popular worldwide, this split systems brand is a household name. Panasonic split systems are designed to work efficiently. They will save the environment, while also saving you a lot on your Adelaide electricity bills. 

Interesting features, such as human activity and sunlight recognition, made these split systems stand out in the market. 

Panasonic split systems are also known worldwide for their ease of use, reliability and value for money. 

If you are a light sleeper, these split systems will be perfect for you. They are whisper quiet. With a bacteria-free filtering system, these split systems are all what allergy sufferers need.


It is not only one of the leading split systems brands in the Adelaide market today. Fujitsu is also known for its greatest variety of products and ranges. All Fujitsu split systems are efficient and easy to operate. They are also known for being quiet. 

Most Fujitsu split systems have a human sensor control feature. It can turn off your Adelaide split systems if no one is in the room for at least twenty minutes. 

At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we are committed to great pricing and great service. To keep our prices down, we specialize in the supply of air conditioners and their associated components. We do not do designs or organize installation. Our air conditioner experts can help you choose suitable split systems for your Adelaide property. Just send us the length, width and height of the room and we will advise you of the suitable split systems size.

Get split systems your Adelaide home or business can rely on. Contact us today!