Purchasing a new air conditioning system for your Adelaide property is a significant investment. That is why you should buy a quality air conditioning system from an established supplier. Air conditioning installation is also critical. 


Without proper installation, even the best air conditioning system will not work efficiently. Unfortunately, air conditioning installation is not a DIY project


It is just a guide to help you understand how the air conditioning installation process goes. Any air conditioning installation should be handled only by a licensed Adelaide professional. 


Here is what you can expect when scheduling an Adelaide air conditioning installation service:


Removal of Existing Air Conditioning Unit


If you already have an air conditioning system installed in your Adelaide property, it needs to be removed first. Just like air conditioning installation, the removal process should also be handled by professionals only. Otherwise, you will be putting your safety at risk.


The air conditioning removal and installation process can get messy. That is why the installation professionals should prepare your Adelaide home first. They should put sheets over the carpets or furniture. 


Following the old air conditioning system removal, the installers will evaluate your Adelaide property. They will check for any leaks or other issues that might affect the performance of your new Adelaide air conditioning system.


New Air Conditioning System Installation


The air conditioning installation process might require some wiring and electrical work. It will all be handled by your Adelaide air conditioning installers. 


The duration of your Adelaide air conditioning system installation depends on the conditions of your Adelaide property. In general, an air conditioning installation process can take anywhere from four to ten hours. 


Thermostat Connection


Usually, with a new air conditioning system comes a new thermostat. You can choose to keep your existing thermostat or get the new one installed. Your installer needs to ensure the thermostat is connected correctly to your new Adelaide air conditioning system in both cases. 


Testing and Final Instructions


Once your new Adelaide air conditioning system is installed, it should be tested. The installers will check all your new air conditioning system features to make sure it works properly. The workers should also show you how everything works. 


They will instruct you on setting the thermostat and handling some basic air conditioning maintenance activities on your own.


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