Trying to find the most suitable air conditioning system for your home can be a difficult journey. Enter ducted reverse cycle systems! A ducted reverse cycle unit is one of the most popular air conditioning systems amongst homeowners in Adelaide. Undoubtedly, with all these numerous benefits, it is one of the ultimate air conditioning unit types. 

With ducted reverse air conditioning, you will keep your entire Adelaide home at a comfortable temperature. And that is all year round. 


Here is why ducted air conditioning is always considered a beneficial investment:




Firstly, with the constant rise in electricity rates in Adelaide, you need ducted reverse cycle air conditioning! These air conditioning systems are the most energy-efficient heat or cool system for your entire Adelaide house. 


Secondly, zoning features allow you to set a suitable temperature for each room in your Adelaide home or business. You can also turn off the air conditioning on empty rooms. This will save significant amounts on your power bills. 


As a result, you save a lot on electricity usage. On top of that, one ducted air conditioning unit is cheaper than multiple split units for every room in the house. 




Your Adelaide air conditioning unit grants you ultimate control over the temperature inside your home. The even amount of airflow throughout your house increases your comfort level. Thus, there will not be hot or cold spots to disturb you. 




One of the most appealing benefits of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to homeowners is their discretion. They are unobtrusive. You can’t see most parts as they are in the ceiling, roof space or outside your Adelaide house. 

The discretion of these air conditioning systems does not stop at appearance. These air conditioning systems work almost silently. So, they are much quieter than split systems. 




The rise of environmental awareness in Adelaide made people more appreciative of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. On average, these systems produce only one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric heaters.




With no dependency on gas or exposed heated parts, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is extremely safe. You eliminate any risk of burns or having gas leaks at your Adelaide home. 


At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we are committed to great pricing and great service. To keep our prices competitive, we specialize only in the supply of air conditioners and their associated components. If you already have a design of the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system you want, our team can help you out. They will price it for you and provide you with experienced advice. 


Keep your Adelaide home comfortable all year around. Contact us today!