Reverse Cycle Airconditioner

How Effective Will My Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Be During Winter?

A reverse cycle airconditioner is not only an effective tool to keep your home cool in the summer but it can also provide effective heating. Yet, it is common for people to doubt that devices with multiple functions are equally efficient at both tasks. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through reverse-cycle air conditioners to help you figure out if they would be a good heating system for your home.


Home Heating With a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner


How Does It Work?


A reverse cycle air conditioner is equally capable of cooling and heating your home. As the name indicates, the cooling cycle that is used to bring cool air into your home can be reversed to bring warm air into your home instead. Basically, this type of air conditioner, when set as a heating system, works by extracting air from the outside. Then, it heats this air through an external coil and compressor. Once the air is heated, it is directed into your home using a fan. This same cycle, when reversed, is used to bring cold air into your home. Overall, this system provides effective temperature control during all seasons.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Pros


With so many airconditioning options available in the market today, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the benefits of a reverse cycle airconditioning system, This will help you to determine whether it is the best choice for you. One of the most significant advantages of reverse cycle air conditioners is its vast reach. A single compressor unit can be powerful enough to successfully control the temperature in your entire home.

Another great advantage of these systems is their ability to both cool and heat. Since a reverse cycle airconditioner can be set up with ducts, they are also a better choice for those looking to avoid the visual clutter associated with wall-mounted devices like split systems.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Cons


A reverse cycle air conditioner can be the best choice for those looking for a heating solution that can warm up several rooms. However, those that need heating for smaller spaces can find better solutions elsewhere. These units can be more expensive and difficult to install than others like split systems or wall furnaces. Hence, we recommend those looking for single-room heating to consider a different device. Those that have a lower budget for airconditioning should also look at other devices first since a reverse cycle air conditioner has a higher installation and operation costs. Finally, keep in mind that with this type of system, keeping doors and windows closed is essential to boost efficiency.


Bottom Line


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