Bonaire MB5-30i Inc. Hard Wired Navigator Controller

$2,710.00 inc GST

  • 5 star energy efficiency rating
  • Non condensing eliminating the need for a condensate drain
  • Modulating gas valve automatically adjusts gas rate as the home approaches set temperature
  • Auto adjusting variable – speed room air fan further enhancing the benefit of modulation and energy savings
  • Integrated four zone control standard, heat only the rooms you need when you need them***
  • Option of an 8 zone system for total comfort and maximum efficiency***
  • Selected models available in ULPG


Bonaire MB5-30i Inc. Hard Wired Navigator Controller

5 Star 30kw internal ducted gas heater

Quite simply if you want the best ducted gas central heating system on the market look no further than the NEW Bonaire MB5 5 Star Ducted Gas Central Heating unit.


Not only will you be choosing the ultimate in comfort you’ll be investing in one of the most efficient 5 star ducted gas central heaters on the market. With the MB5 you get high efficiency heating by the use of a primary and secondary heat exchanger which combined gives you 90% plus efficiency. Add this to Bonaire’s unique predictive logic modulation system modulating both the gas rate and the air delivery to minimise energy consumption and inefficient on/off cycling. This reduces your energy bills whilst still maintaining the ultimate in comfort. The MB5 also has the ability to reduce the heating capacity to 10% * allowing you to further reduce your energy bills if you only want to heat a small area of your home.

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30KW Heat Only

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