Bonaire MB4-14U Inc. Hard Wired Navigator Controller

$2,280.00 inc GST

  • Modulating gas valve automatically adjusts gas rate as the home approaches set temperature = reduced energy bills
  • Auto adjusting variable – speed room air fan further enhancing the benefit of modulation and energy savings
  • Integrated four zone control standard, heat only the rooms you need when you need them ***
  • Unit can run as low as 10% of its total capacity.
  • Induced draft combustion for improved energy efficiency
  • Electronic ignition – no pilot light
  • Quiet efficient operation
  • Engineered for Australian conditions
  • Compatible with York Dual Cycle systems
  • Option of 8 integrated zones
  • Easy Installation

Product Description

Bonaire MB4-14U Inc. Hard Wired Navigator Controller

4 Star 14kw internal ducted gas heater

f you are looking for ducted gas heating in your home, then you can’t go past Bonaire.

The range of Bonaire heaters is quite comprehensive and was developed to so there are models to accommodate most applications.

The secret to the MB4’s four star efficiency is its multi tube heat exchanger combined with a modulating gas valve which minimises gas usage and modulating room air fan

The advanced technology of the modulation is able to match the load requirements of your home by reducing its heating capacity as low as 10% *. This not only reduces gas consumption but also reduces electricity usage of the fan motor.


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14KW Heat Only

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