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Heating Your Home: Energy-Efficient Ways to Observe This Winter!

Who said heating your home in the winter has to drive your energy bill to the roof? There are many ways to heat your house, reduce your energy bills, and save the environment. It all depends on the energy efficiency of the heating system you choose for your home.

There is no perfect heating system for every home. It usually depends more on the needs of your family and the size and layout of your house. However, some heating systems are considered more energy efficient than others. Here are some of them:

Hi-Wall Split Air-Conditioners

Unlike other air conditioners, split systems will not take up your entire window or a large portion of your wall. These systems take very little space since they can be mounted high on the wall. In addition, an outdoor unit contains the compressor and other components. Keeping these noisy parts outside your home, make split air conditioners more convenient.

Split systems are best for heating or cooling a room or living area. There is no duct network needed in these systems. That is why they are more energy-efficient as there is no heat exchange involved. So energy loss is kept at a minimum. 

Ducted Gas Heating

Gas heating systems are more energy-efficient, as they do not rely on electricity. They also produce only one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric heaters. Ducted heating systems are perfect if you want to warm your entire home or a big part of it.

These central heaters allow you to control the temperature of different rooms separately. This will lower your electricity bill even more. It will also provide more convenience to your family.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

It is one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling methods for your home. They work very efficiently. To heat your house, the reverse cycle system extracts the heat from outside and transfers it inside. For cooling, it works the other way around. The heat is extracted from your home and pushed outside. 

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is the ultimate heating and cooling solution for large areas or an entire house. With the zoning feature, you can choose which rooms to heat or cool. You can also set various temperatures for each room separately.

Gas Wall Heaters

They are also known as wall furnaces. This heating system is ideal for small homes or compact areas. Wall furnaces look small. However, they can provide effective heating. By relying on gas, you can rest assured your electricity bill will not be affected. You will also save money as gas costs much less than electricity.

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