When Is the Ideal Time To Install My Ducted System?

Air conditioning is quite clearly a seasonal requirement. The problem is that people don’t start to think about their air conditioning requirements until the heat begins to set in. At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we encourage property owners to think about installing air conditioning systems, before it is too late!

Ducted systems, in particular, are incredibly common in Australian homes, due to their broad capability to cool entire homes. Ducted systems also can heat. At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we offer a variety of ducted systems and believe that time of installation, should be taken seriously.


When property owners are trying to determine when to install a ducted system, it is always better to be practical. It is common to push this alteration back until it is needed. However, this also happens to be the busiest time of year for air conditioning installers.

If you visit Airconditioning Warehouse Sales in the months when the temperature may not be an issue, you can select a product and have it installed in time for summer. It means that you will not be a part of the rush, and have to suffer through the coldest and hottest months waiting for the installation of your ducted system. Being proactive can be the difference between you being safe and comfortable all year round.

Dangers of Waiting

One of the traps that consumers fall into is pushing air conditioning installation right back to the last minute. All air conditioning installers find that the height of summer and winter are the busiest times of the year. If you choose to wait and only look to get a ducted system when it is already hot, you will suffer from the high demand for business.

Waiting can subject you, and those inside your property to unsafe conditions, that is why it is essential to be proactive and seek a high-quality ducted system and professional installation as early as possible.

The Busy Times

Usually, at the first sign of heat, more people are looking to get ducted air conditioning systems. It is when it is scorching that people start to consider what they need to remain comfortable. The installation of a ducted system requires access to roof spaces and can take a fraction longer than installing a split system.

In summary, it is essential to avoid the punishing heat during these months. The vast majority of air conditioning installers will be fully booked around this time – so do yourself a favour and start now!

The best way to get the process started is to come to Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, and let us help you select a ducted system. Assure the comfort of your family and decrease stress today! For more information about products, call today.

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