What Is The Best Way To Heat My Home?

Ready to put an end to your winter blues? It can be intensely frustrating to have to layer on several blankets every night to get some sleep. You are not supposed to need a jacket inside your own home! If you are ready to put icy mornings and freezing nights behind you, you must start looking into home heating options.

Far are the days in which humans relied on fires to keep warm. Nowadays, we have access to many heating technology solutions. Each home heating system has something to offer. Before you settle on purchasing the first one you encounter, read along. Get to know every option before making your decision. 

No single heating solution will be ideal for every home. Your personal needs, home layout and size, have to be considered. Different home heating systems suit other types of properties.

There’s a home heating system that’s perfect for your home! Here are some of the more typical home heating options to consider:

Ducted Gas Heating

How does ducted gas heating work? Basically, the air gets drawn in, heated and then distributed through vents with the help of a fan. Warm air continues to blow in, as needed, to conserve the desired temperature. You can simply set a thermostat and cosy up!

A ducted gas home heating system is one of the most efficient heat solutions in the market. Ducts can be installed in a layout that covers every room in your home. This means that you can make your entire home feel like a cosy hug. However, you can also choose to heat only individual rooms by creating zones. It’s all up to you.

Additionally, this type of heat is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Just keep in mind that initial installation can be somewhat costly.

Gas Wall Furnaces

While the name might sound complicated, gas wall furnaces work straightforwardly. The furnace is installed directly into your wall, with vents exiting into the exterior. Furnaces start working by sucking air in. Air is then contained and heated within the device. Afterwards, warm air blows out, heating your home in the process. 

Wall Furnaces are affordable, compact and great for those needing heating for small home spaces. They work quickly and provide constant and well-distributed heat. However, take into account that results won’t extend to both stories of a home or several rooms. When heating an entire house, a single gas wall furnace will hardly cut it. Still wanting to make the most out of a gas wall furnace? Consider investing in a double-sided one.


If you are seeking a home heating solution for a single room or small to medium-sized space, a mini-split will work perfectly! Mini-splits with heat pumps are incredibly successful at uniformly warming up a single room. As long as they are correctly placed, results are amazing.

Additionally, they are one of the easy home heating systems to install. They are also relatively low maintenance. Plus, mini splits are complete air conditioning systems that can both cool and heat your home. This way you’ll get good use of them all year long.

However, keep in mind that the initial installation can be expensive. Another critical factor is aesthetics, as mini splits are openly visible and might throw off your home décor. 


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