The Amazing Benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Are you getting sick and tired of sleeping in the heat? Having trouble determining whether an air conditioning upgrade is worth it? At Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales, the question most often asked is about the benefits of ducted air conditioning, and whether this is a viable option for a range of different property types.

If you are in the categories mentioned above and think this kind of cooling might be for you, we are here to get you over the line with your selection. There are a variety of benefits to selecting ducted air-conditioning for your property type.


When you think of residential air conditioning, often the first thing that pops into mind a split system mounted on a wall somewhere. The beauty of a ducted air conditioning system is you don’t have to worry about any unsightly additions to the interior walls of the property. Ducted systems are installed in the roof space of your home, and are therefore out of sight.

The small vents are placed in the relevant rooms and are often inconspicuous and out of the way compared to larger, bulkier split systems.

For those properties where the ideal placement of a split system isn’t possible due to restrictions, a ducted system is a great solution.


Many ducted air conditioning systems nowadays can “zone”. Zoning is one of the ways that you will not suffer from excessive power consumption relating to your ducted system. Zoning allows you to target a specific area of the property, much the same as a split system would. Zoning capabilities are not present in all ducted systems on the market but are achievable if you select the right system.

If you have particular family members that find it harder to regulate temperature, and targeting specific areas of the house may help, this may be an option you wish to explore.


The powers of ducted air conditioning to keep your entire home cool are incomparable. While split systems are fantastic are cooling an immediate area, it is the ducted system which will allow your entire property to reach new levels of comfort. While the ability to control interior temperatures to degree accuracy, you can keep all your loved ones comfortable in even the hottest months of the year.

At Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales, we have access to all of the very best ducted air conditioning systems on the market, and therefore can help you make a selection that takes into account all of your specific needs.

If you are looking to overhaul the airconditioning capabilities of your home thoroughly, visit Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales today and speak to one of our team. We can help you get the ducted system you so desperately need!

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