Heat Strip MAX THX 2400

$699.00 inc GST

Use in: 

  • Residential: outdoor alfresco living areas, balconies, pergolas, patios, verandahs, courtyards, garages, sheds etc
  • Hospitality: Alfresco dining areas, beer gardens, outdoor gaming and smoking areas, cafes, restaurants, etc.
  • Commercial: Factories, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, halls, sheds, sports facilities, outdoor dining areas etc.

Product Description

Heat Strip MAX THX 2400

 infra red radiant heaters

Technical Specifications – Australia

THX 2400 2400 10 854 x 170 x 80 6 1000 YES
THX 3600 3600 15 1184 x 170 x 80 8 1000 NO

Features & Benefits

High Output radiant heat

The Heatstrip Max range of electric radiant heaters produces a high temperature radiant warmth that travels through the air directly to people and surfaces below – similar to the heat rays emitted by the Sun. Radiant heating is the only viable option for outdoor or tough indoor sites.

Unique low-glow heating technology

Specially designed and engineered “low-glow” heating element provides a very gentle and unobtrusive glow. There no blinding light like other infra-red heaters so you can enjoy the experience. Energy is directed towards producing heat rather than an annoying light.

Maximum heat performance – multiple applications

The high temperature output of the Heatstrip Max is perfect for exposed outdoor sites high ceilings and hard-to-heat indoor and outdoor applications. The dual element design allows for a very compact unit and maximum efficiency. The Heatstrip Max will perform where other heaters fail.

Suitable for permanent outdoor mounting no protection needed.

For outdoor applications the Heatstrip Max is suitable for both permanently exposed (eg. courtyards and patios) and undercover installations – it does not need to be fully protected from the elements.

High Strength element – virtually indestructible

The unique metallic “incoloy” element is 14mm thick meaning it is vandal proof and will not shatter like other glass quartz heating elements. Provides piece of mind in both commercial and domestic situations.

Commercial grade quality – 2 years full replacement warranty

Constructed of extremely robust commercial grade material the Heatstrip Max is designed for long-life and durability in all conditions. It is fully supported by a 2 year replacement warranty under both residential and commercial conditions.

Corrosion protection

Built from corrosion resistant alloy it is suitable for use in most applications including difficult corrosive environments such as coastal areas.

Multi-Purpose Mounting Options

The Heatstrip Max is supplied with flexible mounting options. The standard bracket will allow both ceiling and wall mounting at various angles as well as suspension by chains/wires and metal rods. Optional twin mount and end-to-end brackets are also available.

2 models – DIY or hard-wired

2 models are available. The THX 2400 (2400W) is supplied with a lead and plug therefore ideal for a DIY installation. The THX 3600 (3600W) requires hard-wiring to a 15amp power supply.

Australian designed engineered and assembled

Manufacturers information: Click for Brochure

Additional Information


2.4KW Heat Only

kilowatts bracket

2-3 KW