TECO TWW60HFWDG (6.0kW) Reverse Cycle

TECO Window / Wall Mounted Air Conditioner


Capacity: 6.0kW(C) / 5.6kW(H)

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners. This type of unit is perfect for the replacement of outdated and less efficient models. We have designed our unit sizes around standard, pre-existing cut outs for easy-fit wall mounting.


Product Details

R32 Refrigerant
Using R32 refrigerant, which transfers heat efficiently, resulting in approximately 10% less electricity consumption when compared to other refrigerants. It also has a significant (up to 1/3) lower environment impact also referred to as Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Blue Fin Protection
Blue Fin Protection on the indoor coil allows the coil to dry more quickly when unit is turned off. The protective coating also aids in allowing airborne contaminants to run off more freely on the outside exposed coil, giving you peace of mind that the unit is performing at it’s best and will last longer.

Wireless Remote
The convenient wireless remote lets you power on and off, set and adjust air conditioner settings from the comfort of your chair. (Excludes TWW16CFCG)

Dual Drainage
Multiple drainage points assist with providing efficient drainage.

Sling System
Condensate water that develops while in cooling mode is reused by the Sling System fan to agitate the water onto the condenser. This assists to increase efficiency and reduces the need for drainage in Cooling mode. (Excessive humidity may generate the need for condensate to be drained away.)

Left & Right Auto Air Flow
Ensures even air flow distribution. Removable Panel The front panel can be removed to easily access the unit for cleaning.

Sliding Chassis
Installation and servicing is made easy with the slide out casing.

Rotary Compressor
With a rotary compressor, noise and vibration is reduced. Fresh Air Switch This feature draws fresh air from outside and expels air from the inside.

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teco window wall unitTECO TWW60HFWDG (6.0kW) Reverse Cycle
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