TECO TWW27CFWDG 2.7kW Cool Only

$679.00 inc GST


Easy to Use

Simple controls for ease of use.

Remote Control

Control your unit from anywhere in the room.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant transfers heat more efficiently, resulting in approximately 10% less electricity consumption when compared to other refrigerants. It also has a significant (up to 1/3) lower environment impact, also referred to as Global Warning Potential (GWP).

Built-in WiFi

Turn on your AC before you leave work. Arrive to a comfortable home. Forgot to turn off the AC? No problem. Now you can control your TECO AC from anywhere.

Auto Air Flow

Left and Right automatic airflow ensures even air flow distribution throughout the room. Turn it off for a fixed flow direction.

Performance Plus via the Sling System

Condensate water that develops while in cooling only mode is reused by the Sling System fan to agitate the water onto the condenser. This assists to increase efficiency and reduces the need for drainage. (Excessive humidity may generate the need for the condensate to be drained away).

Dual Drainage

Multiple drainage points assist with providing fast and efficient removal of condensation, that can build up from excessive humidity (when in cooling only mode).

Rotary Compressor reduces noise & vibrations

For years, Australians have affectionately referred to the old outdated models of decades past, as the “Window Rattler”. TECO has been at the forefront of improving this product type by fitting them with Rotary Compressors to reduce the noise and vibration when in use.

Easy Installation & Service Access

With a purpose built slide out casing – this product is easy to install and access for service.

The Strength of a global brand. Comfort you can rely on

5 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Blue Fin protection on the coil allows it to dry more quickly when the unit is off. The protective coating also aids in allowing airborne contaminants to run off more freely. This ensures the product will perform at its best for longer A Fresh air switch can help when you feel the room needs fresh air only. Pull the fresh air switch to allow air from outside to enter in; and inside air to expel out A removable front panel gives easy access for cleaning.