Mitsubishi SRK35ZSXA-W

$1,279.00 inc GST

With an industry leading energy ratings the Avanti PLUS® is one of the most efficient split systems on the market.

Whisper quiet and incorporating a range of energy saving and convenient features and functions such as motion sensor, eco-operation and adjustable LED display the 3.5kW Avanti PLUS® split system is perfect for medium spaces such as a small lounge room or bedroom

Key features

  • Industry leading energy efficiency
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Energy saving motion sensor and eco operation
  • Clean Air Technology to capture smoke particles and deliver allergen and odour free air
  • Improved auto mode allowing for precise temperature control

Product Description

Mitsubishi SRK35ZSXA-W

3.5KW Cool / 4.3KW Heat Reverse Cycle Inverter




Additional Information


3.5KW cool/ 4.3KW heat

kilowatts bracket


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