Mitsubishi FDUA100VNP1VF2

$2,710.00 inc GST

Experience year round cosy comfort – in every room, in every season – with Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems.

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of touch-button climate control. Our advanced control technology brings you warm, even heat during Winter and clean, cool air during Summer.

Our ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required.


Mitsubishi FDUA100VNP1VF2

KW 10.0 kw cool 11.2 kw heat

Key Features

  • Whole House
  • External Static Pressure Control
  • Monitoring Function
  • “Clearer” Airflow
  • Compact And Convenient
  • High Efficiency
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Single Phase Model



  • Cooling T1: 10.0
  • Heating H1: 11.2


  • Cooling T1: 2.99
  • Heating H1: 2.88


  • Heating H1: 3.89


  • Cooling T1: 3.34

Net Weight(Kg)

  • Indoor Unit: 52Kg
  • Outdoor Unit: 70Kg

Manufacturers information: Click for Brochure

Additional information


10KW Cool / 11.2KW Heat

kilowatts bracket



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