Mitsubishi Bronte Series SRK95ZRA-W (9.5kW)

Bronte® Series Wall Mounted Split System

Model: SRK95ZRA-W

Capacity: 9.5kW(C) / 10.3kW(H)

The 9.5kW Bronte® is our largest split system and comes packed with range of convenient features and functions. It efficiently delivers an industry leading, 18m long reach airflow in cooling mode making it suitable for larger spaces such as a living or dining room.



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Product Details

Powerful 20m reach airflow in cooling mode
Improved energy efficiency utilising R32 refrigerant
Allergen clear system to capture allergens and neutralise bacteria
Optional Wi-Fi control

Product Specifications

Indoor (HxWxD) 339x1197x262mm
Outdoor (HxWxD) 845×970(+89)x370mm


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Mitsubishi Bronte Series SRK95ZRA-W (9.5kW)
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