Hitachi RAS-35YHA6

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Hitachi’s innovative wall split range makes it all possible.

Boasting the ability to heat or chill a space 26% faster
than any non-inverter alternative, this advanced
system also enables precise temperature control
and energy efficiency levels 50% greater than
any conventional unit.

For those demanding only the purest air quality, Hitachi’s
wall splits feature a nano titanium pre filter and a unique
nano titanium wasabi air purifying filter which reduces
bacteria and allergen levels by around 99% and 95%

Ranging in capacity from 2.5kW to 8kW, Hitachi’s wall
split range is the ideal choice for residential homes or
commercial spaces.


Hitachi RAS-35YHA6

3.5 kW(C) / 4.0 kW(H)

Adoption of a new “standard” infrared controller without flap. Has a 24hr timer as currently, but additional features include:

  • Addition of “Eco” mode.
  • Addition of “Powerful” mode.
  • Auto mode will have a specific temperature selected (rather than +1, +2, +3 as it is was).

Optional “premium” 7 day infrared controller (as used on Multizone). Features include the above plus:

  • Weekly timer with up to 6 timer settings per day.
  • “Silent” mode.
  • “Leave Home” mode (temperature set back).
  • One touch cleaning operation.
  • Eco sleep timer function.
  • Info function to get room temp and power usage.
  • Controller locking function.
  • Cooling and heating for up to 29 Square metres.

Addition of sideways motorised louvres to IU.
Improved input / output functions:

  • Level on / off (not pulse).
  • Alarm output (12vDC) – probably via adapter card.

IU dip switches to disable auto restart on power failure / enable cooling only operation.
The additional of an optional adapter to allow DRED (demand response enabling device).


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3.5KW Cool / 4.0Kw Heat

kilowatts bracket



Hitachi Air Conditioners

Hitachi wall split units can exert an almost instant effect in even the most challenging of summer or winter conditions. While their high-speed cooling and heating capacity generates cool or warm air faster, a multi-directional auto-swing capacity makes it possible to simultaneously direct that air to the left and the right. With all corners covered, it’s easy to see why they’re so much more effective than systems that can only address one side of a room at a time.