Hitachi RAK-DJ25PHAT (2.5kW)

Hitachi airHome 400 Wall Mounted Inverter


Capacity: 2.5 kW(C) / 3.2 kW(H)

Home AC that’s easy to use, makes daily life more convenient, and comes with integrated self-maintenance technology that help to improves the long-term performance of the unit. It is the ideal air conditioner for people who don’t want to think about AC.

Original price was: $859.00.Current price is: $849.00.

Product Details

Adjusts temperature as you arrive home or leave the house.
Voice control with Alexa and Google Home.
Better at maintaining the performance of your AC.
Japanese brand, built to last.
Helps to purify your indoor air.
Vector DC Inverter technology.
6 Year Warranty.


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Hitachi RAK-DJ25PHAT (2.5kW)
Original price was: $859.00.Current price is: $849.00.
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