Fujitsu AUTG45KRLA Inverter Cassette

$6,080.00 inc GST


12.5kW (C) / 14kW (H)

Inverter cassette with r32 refrigerant. Fan design distributes temperature evenly up to 4 directions. Easy to maintain.

Product Description

Fujitsu AUTG45KRLA

12.5kW (C) / 14kW (H)

New R32 Inverter Cassette
Incorporating the latest fan technology, these units fit neatly into the ceiling and distribute conditioned air through 3 or 4 sides of the unit. In addition, flaps allow air to be directed in either a pre-set or sweep pattern.

  • The cassette units are extremely discreet with only the grille showing in the ceiling
  • Air can be delivered in up to four directions, giving the room an even temperature distribution
  • A highly efficient fan design, its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature distribution
  • Weekly timer allows you to plan your usage, helping you save on your power bills
  • Cassette units are easy to clean and maintain

12kw unit suits room size from 72m² to 96m² under standard conditions

Additional Information


12.5KW Cool / 14.0KW Heat

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