CoolBreeze Mobile FM240 (1000W)

CoolBreeze Mobile Evaporative Air Conditioner

Model: FM2400
Power: 1000W

The CoolBreeze Mobile evaporative air conditioner is a heavy duty movable model ideal for use in buildings such as factories, warehouses, dairies, stables, halls, marquees and gymnasiums. The CoolBreeze Mobile can be relocated easily and provides cooling to areas that cannot be serviced by ducted or plenum mounted air conditioning or cooling systems.


Product Details

No installation required! It’s easy! Plug the unit into a standard electrical wall outlet and connect to a water supply with a fixed hose connection. If a water outlet is not available the CoolBreeze Mobile can be filled manually with a hose. For maximum efficiency, place the air conditioner in an open doorway or in front of an open window to ensure plenty of fresh, cool air.

The Commercial Mobile has a direct drive fan coupled with a heavy duty motor which guarantees long term performance. With the equivalent capacity of an average roof mounted evaporative air conditioner, a CoolBreeze Mobile makes great sense. It’s suitable for leased premises and provides all of the benefits of a fixed installation system with the flexibility to take it with you when you move.

The CoolBreeze Mobile unit is fitted with heavy duty casters to allow it to be moved easily and to provide maximum cooling where it is needed most. If the unit is transported often from site to site, the optional Tie Down frame allows the unit to be strapped down securely on a ute or truck.

Product Specifications


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CoolBreeze Mobile FM240 (1000W)
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