Brivis Celdek Evaporative Filter Pad CEL102/258 (Set of 4)

To suit the following Brivis models: AD11, AD12, AD13, AD14, AD15, AD 21, AD22, AD23, AD24, AD25, AD31, AD32, AD33, AD34, AD35
Part No: CEL102/258



Product Description

CELdek evaporative filter pads uniquely manufactured to suit domestic and commercial evaporative air conditioners. These filter pads are specifically designed to cool quickly and efficiently with high evaporation effectiveness. Made with thin corrugated cellulose paper with 45 degree flute angles bonded together, the pads wet faster and result in immediate cooling and potentially less system running time. These pads are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
– Low pressure drop when wet
– Low scaling
– No water carry over
– Self-cleaning
– Long life time
– Excellent wetting properties
– High evaporation efficiency
– Coated with patented algae resistance
– 100% biodegradable and recyclable
If you are unsure if these filter pads are suitable for your air conditioner, please call your nearest Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales store.

Dimensions: 755 x 480 x 75mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 750 × 480 × 750 mm
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Brivis Celdek Evaporative Filter Pads - Set of 4 CEL102/258Brivis Celdek Evaporative Filter Pad CEL102/258 (Set of 4)
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