Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate SCE190 (880W)

Silhouette SCE Series

Model: SCE190

Capacity: 880Watts

The Silhouette Ultimate has culminated in the development of an ultra low profile evaporative cooler that provides the ultimate in efficient cooling that operates at considerably less running costs than standard coolers and includes some of the most advanced operational features of evaporative coolers today.

Available in 3 colours: Beige, Grey and Red


Product Details

Silhouette ® Ultimate now comes with a standard 7 year warranty
For added peace of mind, the Silhouette Ultimate comes as standard with a 7 year warranty. Both the cabinet and parts are also covered by extensive warranties.
Innovative ImPress® Motor Technology
Developed for use in the Australian solar car “Desert Rose” from Charles Darwin University that won the prestigious award for Technical Innovation in the World Solar Challenge, the ImPress motor used in the Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate utilises axial flux motor technology delivering energy savings up to 40%* on standard motors with reduced noise.
Advanced Bonaire Aerowing®
Fan Design Exclusive to Bonaire, the Bonaire Aerowing Fan was designed with the assistance of a leading aircraft designer. The secret to this fan’s performance is its unique “paddle” fan blade design with Bonaire Vortex Generators® on top of each fan blade. This enables the fan to achieve more airflow and less noise as the fan spins at less RPM than other noisier fan blades.
Ultra Low Profile Cabinet Design
Bonaire’s sleek design fits snuggly onto the profile of your roof. The sloped base tank holds less water than many flat based units. All Bonaire units are constructed using an injected moulded high strength plastic that is UV stabilised.
Bonaire Humidity Management System
The Bonaire Humidity Management System allows for automatic air moisture control of the cooled environment tailored to your household needs. Once this option is selected, the Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate adjusts the Water Management System for low, medium and high ambient humidity conditions to optimise comfort level.
Bonaire Air Ioniser
The Bonaire Air Ioniser electrically charges the air molecules in the airstream. Negative ions are generated, purifying the air before it is discharged into your home.
Bonaire Water Management
With Salinity Sensor The Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate uses a water quality salinity sensor in conjunction with a submersible pump to determine the optimal time that the water in your cooler needs to be replaced. This ensures efficient unit operation and limits potential excessive calcium build up. After operation the Bonaire water tank is drained dry and clean.
Pad Clean Function
Bonaire’s Pad clean function enables you to clean the Filtercool® filter pads before unit operation ensuring that your Bonaire cooler operates at maximum efficiency.
Bonaire PreCool®
Bonaire’s PreCool function enables the Filtercool® filter pads to be pre-moistened before unit operation meaning that you will have cool, fresh air as soon as the Aerowing fan starts operating.
Bonaire Exhaust Function
Available on the Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate where an Enviroseal® duct shutter has not been installed, the Bonaire Exhaust Function allows you to run the fan in reverse drawing hot air or cooking odours from your home.

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Bonaire Silhouette Ultimate SCE190 (880W)
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