Bonaire MBR5-30 Rhino Series Ducted Gas Heater

$2,780.00 inc GST

Ducted gas heating has been around for years installed in almost every home. Installing a new age heater may entail different settings and installing locations, but this is not so with the Bonaire Rhino. If your old heater is an external model mounted on an air distribution base box, the Rhino will easily fit into its type and any other installation fixture too. With newer technology come better and advanced features. Also, older parts are not available as much for repairs or replacements. Get the new Rhino that has features your old heater never had, and save on installation costs.

Product Description

Bonaire MBR5-30 Rhino Series Ducted Gas Heater

30kw internal ducted gas heater

The Bonaire Rhino is a ducted gas heater that will suit many forms of installations, including old externally installed heaters.

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25KW Heat Only

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