Bonaire MB5 Series MB5NC-30 (30.0kW)

MB5 Series Gas Heater

Including Hard Wired Navigator Controller

Model: MB5NC-30
Capacity: 30.0kW(H)

The Bonaire MB5 Series has 5-star value performing units operational with varying heat outputs and functional outlets.


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Product Details

The MB5 series is a five-star efficient heat exchanger. With this advanced heater, it won’t feel like winter. It has auto adjustable features with modulation and energy-saving features. The MB5 series offers the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or Navigator Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controller. You can also operate your MB5 heater with the optional Bonaire My Climate® Wi-Fi® control.

Product Features
• 5 star energy efficiency rating
• Non condensing eliminating the need for a condensate drain
• Modulating gas valve automatically adjusts gas rate as the home approaches set temperature
• Modulating combustion fan for higher efficiency
• Auto adjusting variable speed room air fan further enhancing the benefit of modulation and energy savings
• Super quiet operation with fully insulated unit cabin
• Integrated four zone control standard, heat only the rooms you need when you need them**
• Compatible with Bonaire Optima Dual Cycle refrigerated airconditioning
• Universal internal/external unit • Selected models available in ULPG
• 5 year parts and labour warranty with 10 year parts warranty on the burner.
• 7 year warranty option

Product Specifications


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Bonaire MB5 Series MB5NC-30 (30.0kW)
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