Bonaire DF1

$3,250.00 inc GST

The Bonaire Seasonmaker DF Series is the easiest type of commercial air conditioning to install. As the unit is side mounted through the wall there are:

  • No roof bearers are required
  • No roof flashing is required
  • No plenums are required
  • No costly unit stands are required
  • No roof walk ways are required
  • No cranes need to be organised for installation
  • No electrician to wire the unit. Comes complete with plug and cable set    connected. Just plug it in and turn it on!


Bonaire DF1

1,840L/S 425w 1 phase Wall mount Commercial Evaporative Cooler


The Seasonmaker DF series is a unique rage of wall mounted evaporative air conditioning units.

Available in two sizes they are an ideal option where roof mounting or ground mounting of coolers is not possible. They are single phase variable speed units and are up to 40% cheaper to install than comparable commercial ducted evaporative coolers.

Portable Air Conditioning

Both the DF1 and DF2 are available with an optional trolley* with wheels to provide fully portable cooling. This makes the DF ideal for:

  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Farm sheds
  • Marquees at major display events
  • Sporting events

*Note: finger guard kit must be installed when DF unit is installed on a trolley.

  • Optional trolley assy with rubber castors

Manufacturers information: Click for Brochure