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How to Know Which Size Ducted Air Conditioning to Buy for Your Home?

Size matters – especially when it comes to your ducted air conditioning system.


Purchasing a unit that’s too small or large, can have a noticeable negative effect on the system’s performance.


Frequently, we see homeowners unnecessarily purchase ducted air conditioning systems that are too large. Eager to escape from the heat, most are fearful of buying a smaller system that will not meet their home’s needs.


The most substantial device is not always the best choice, though. In fact, it can result in a few performance inconsistencies and a considerable spike in your energy expenses!


So, how can you make the best choice? Let’s dive into everything you need to know to choose the best size of ducted air conditioning for your home.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Ducted Air Conditioning System


The Size of Your Living Area


As a general rule of thumb, the larger you living area is, the larger the capacity you will need from a ducted air conditioning system. This is mainly because your system will be placed under more demand to regulate the temperature in a large amount of space.


Choosing a small-sized ducted air conditioning when you have an extensive area to cool can result in overworking your system and low-efficiency cooling.


Your Home Insulation


When it comes to cooling your home, insulation is a huge help. Having high-quality insulation on your home can significantly reduce the workload placed on your ducted air conditioning system.


If your home has excellent insulation, you can probably make do with a system with a more limited capacity.


Number of Windows


Just as insulation is an ally of your air conditioning systems, windows are its sworn enemy. The larger your windows, the more heat, and daylight are transferred into your home.


Stunning design features such as large panels of floor to ceiling windows can mean having to splurge on a larger sized ducted air conditioning system.


The Local Climate


Cooling a home in a template region is hardly the same as cooling a home in a tropical climate. The hotter your area is, the higher the capacity you will require from your ducted air conditioning device.


In Australia, heat can get very high in some areas. You must consider this when selecting your ducted air conditioning system.


Unsure About What Size Ducted Air Conditioning To Purchase?


At the end of the day, the best source of advice to select your ducted air conditioning system is an industry expert.


An air conditioner professional is the most qualified person to guide you during your purchase decision. After evaluating your specific needs and property, it can be determined what the best system for your home is.


Buy Your Ducted System at Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales


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