The term ‘air-conditioning’ incorporates a broad range of products. Many different kinds of air conditioners suit different homes, budgets and needs. If you own a property, whether it be residential, industrial or commercial, and want to update your air conditioning, you need to consider how your choice will be affected by the specifics of your property.

At Air conditioning Warehouse Sales, we can help you select an air conditioning system that works for your property type. If you provide us with specifics, our team of professionals will point you in the direction. If you are wondering what aspects of your property will affect your choice, then look no further!


The size (and layout) of your home dramatically affects which air conditioning system will be best for you. Larger homes tend to benefit from large ducted systems that can deliver cold air to multiple rooms at any one time. However, smaller properties that have larger open plans can potentially reach adequate temperatures with the addition of an excellent split system (for a fraction of the price). The size of the property is essential to which air conditioning system you want, and if you let our team know, we can guide you through the decision-making process.


Different weather conditions are better suited to particular types of air conditioning. Evaporative cooling works well in climates that are hot and dry, and split systems may be better suited for humid conditions.

Depending on whether the particular part of Australia in which you reside, suffers from harsh winters as well as hot summers, you may want an air conditioning system that exhibits high-quality heating and cooling traits. Our team is well informed when it comes to location-specific requirements, so depending on where your property is, we have an option that works for that region.


For small, area-based, air conditioners, choosing the right installation location is everything. Different home types will have restrictions regarding space. Air conditioning installation services will know the information about optimisation concerning wall systems and vent placement. Your property may have limitations when it comes to the aspect, which may mean you require a different system than initially thought.


One of the ways that your property-type will affect your air conditioning choice isn’t about the building itself, but more who is inside. Infants and the elderly are more susceptible to temperature changes (as are some people in general). If older relatives or children frequent your property, you may need additional room air conditioners or split systems to ensure that they are healthy and safe!

By informing the Airconditioning Warehouse Sales team about the specifics of your property, you give yourself the best chance at receiving the perfect solution. We will help you make a solution that works for you, your property and those inside! For information about products, call today.