It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all you need to do is turn on an air conditioner to have an endless supply of comfort! However, there are many considerations you need to make both in the preliminary and secondary stages to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new air conditioner!

At AirConditioning Warehouse Sales we are passionate about helping South Australians get the most out of an air conditioner functionally and financially! If you need to know the best way to operate and install your new air conditioning system, look no further.


One of the best things about ducted systems that has everyone considering adding this system to their home is the zoning capability. Not only does this allow you to target different areas of your property, but by consistently targeting the areas that need it most, you can reduce your electricity bill in the harsh months of the year. If you have a ducted system that leads to various areas of the house, you can ensure that you are only targeting areas where people are at a given time by utilising the zoning capabilities.


The ability your air conditioner has to cool or warm a particular area depends entirely on its placement. It is especially true with split systems, where the height, size and room dimensions all play a part in the overall functionality of the system. At AirConditioning Warehouse Sales we can make recommendations based on the system you purchase, that can help you select an area where to install the product.

Alternatively, an experienced air conditioning installation service will know the technical requirements of the process, further allowing you to select a realistic location for your split system.


At AirConditioning Warehouse Sales we specialise in helping home, and business owners make a choice that doesn’t just suit them financially, but functionally. It is critical that you choose something that works for your property and those who regularly find themselves inside. Making the most out of your new commitment to air condition and comfort comes down entirely to which product you select.

Certain products suit particular property types, locations and budgets. To give yourself the best chance at acquiring a product that works for you for an extended period, allow the air conditioning experts to help you out!

At AirConditioning Warehouse Sales, we have all the inside knowledge necessary to ensure that you are getting the most out of your air conditioner. If you are going after a particular product, or you need some help making a selection, come and visit AirConditioning Warehouse Sales.