Get Ready For Winter and Summer With a Split System From Air Warehouse Sales!

Many people think of spit systems as summer appliances only. However, using split systems to heat your Adelaide home in the winter can save you a lot. Modern split systems are becoming more and more energy-efficient. They will also offer you many other features to keep your Adelaide home comfortable all year around. 

Installing split systems in your Adelaide home is always a good idea, no matter what season it is. Here is why:


As the electricity rates are constantly on the rise in Adelaide, you should always look for ways to save your energy consumption. Installing split systems in your Adelaide home will provide you with the most energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. 

They also work quicker than panel heaters or other types of heating devices. 

Unlike other heating systems, split air conditioners do not create heat. Instead, they absorb the heat from outside and transfer it into your Adelaide home. For cooling, divided systems work the other way around. They extract the heat from inside the house and distribute it outdoors. 

All Year Round

You will not need other heating and cooling devices with reverse cycle split systems. Split systems can heat and cool the rooms in your Adelaide home. You can forget about cramming your Adelaide house with bulky fans in the summer and smelly heaters in the winter. The split systems will provide you with all functions in one unit.

In the fluctuating weather of Adelaide, having split systems that can do both heat and cool is a must. It is not convenient to keep getting the fans out and storing the heaters in. With split systems, you will switch between heating and cooling functions with just a touch of a button. 


Using reverse cycle split systems will make your Adelaide home safer. Split systems do not create heat. Unlike other heating systems, there will not be any hot surfaces in your Adelaide house. By removing open fires and heated components, you will eliminate the risk of burns or even fire. 


At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we are committed to providing our clients with great pricing and excellent service. To keep our split systems prices as low as possible, we remain just warehouses. This means we do not do designs, come out to give quotes or organise installation. Our entire work is focused on supplying air conditioners, their associated components and spare parts. 

With over fifty years of experience, our team has in-depth knowledge about the full range of air conditioners, spare parts and accessories we offer. They can help you choose the most suitable split systems for your Adelaide house. Just send us the measurements of the room. Our team will advise you of what size split systems you need to buy.


Get split systems that will make your Adelaide home more comfortable all year round. Contact us now!

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