If your home needs extra cooling this summer, split systems are the way to go in Adelaide.  With summer being just around the corner we are dreading heat and discomfort that come with it.  That is why air conditioners are essential in Adelaide. 


As the name implies, split systems contain two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Each indoor unit is suitable for cooling one separate room or area, depending on its size. That is why split systems are perfect for Adelaide apartments or single rooms in homes. 


Split systems are affordable, comfortable and energy-efficient. They are easy to install, repair and service. For these reasons and more split systems are one of the most popular air conditioning options amongst Adelaide homeowners:


Split Systems Are Easy to Install


Unlike duct air conditioning, split systems do not require complex installation. All split systems need is a small hole in the wall to connect the pipes and wiring. This easy installation means less cost, time and hassle. That is why split systems are considered a more convenient choice for many Adelaide homeowners.


These systems are also quite easy to maintain and service. Both the indoor and outdoor units are easy to access. You can clean the filter of the indoor unit yourself. The outdoor unit will require professional service. However, the process will be much simpler and cheaper. 


Less Noise


With split systems, all the noise-producing components are part of the outdoor unit. They installed several feet away from the room you want to cool.


That is why in Adelaide, split systems are considered less noisy than window units for example. In split systems, the compressor, condenser coil and control modules for the heat transfer are all placed outdoors.


These parts are all considered primary sources of noise in split systems. By placing them outdoors, you can enjoy your cool, fresh Adelaide home, without getting annoyed by the noise.


Sleek Designs


This summer, you will not have to compromise on the looks and design of your Adelaide home just to get some cool air. The indoor units of split systems come in sleek designs and colours to suit the decoration of any room. They will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the décor of your Adelaide home. The outdoor unit can also be hidden anywhere, as long as it gets enough free-flowing air. 


At Airconditioning Warehouse Sales, we provide split systems at the most competitive prices in Australia. As a warehouse, we specialize in the supply of air conditioners and their associated components. 


We do not do designs or organize installation. That is how we manage to keep our pricing down. However, our experienced team can still help you choose the most suitable split systems for your Adelaide home. Just provide us with the length, width and height of your room and we will advise you which split systems size you need.


Get your Adelaide home summer-ready with one of our split systems. Call or email us now!