Bliss electric panel heaters and wall mounted personal heaters cost up to 92% less to operate than conventional heaters.  Perfect for heating your alfresco area, outdoor dining space, pergola, veranda, balcony, garage, shed and even cafés, warehouses and halls (refer to product data for exact applications). Both fully portable or permanently mounted on ceilings and walls. Most models are an easy and quick DIY installation. Bliss panel heaters are designed for easy, cost effective operation. The Bliss Euro convective panel heater range is perfect for homes, offices, and schools. Designed to be stylish, elegant, energy efficient and the best you can get – for you to enjoy family and friends in comfort. All products are fully designed and engineered in Australia, Supplied with wall mounting bracket and a castor wheel set for optional portability, the bliss convective panel heater features a simple ON/OFF function, adjustable thermostat control and Australian designed 24 hours manually set timer. It has never before been economically viable to provide individuals with direct control of their personal heating requirements. For information on this range, please click here.



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