Summertime means pool parties, outdoor BBQs and road trips to the beach. However, along with all the summer fun comes a great deal of heat!  Especially in Adelaide, where summers are long and hot. In places like this, what happens when you have to stay indoors? The summertime can be a real burden.

Don’t Let the Heat Steal the Fun Away from Summer!

Without a functional air-conditioning system installed in your Adelaide home, surviving the summer can be a struggle. Thankfully working around the situation isn’t that hard. There are many things you can do to make the summer days cool and enjoyable. 

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your home cool this summer:

1. Get an Air Conditioning System for Your Adelaide Home

The best solution to keep your home safe from heat is also the most obvious one. There’s nothing that will cool your home as much as a good air conditioning system. And honestly, a small investment is far better than sweating uncomfortably in your own home – especially since nowadays there are air conditioning solutions for every budget and need. If you are tired of struggling with the heat and don’t have an air conditioning system installed, consider getting one soon.

2. Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Is Working Efficiently

If you already have an A/C system installed, there is plenty you can do to keep it running at its max ability. Keeping doors and windows closed in the areas with A/C is vital. You should also make sure that no cool air is escaping through damaged roofing. Blackout blinds can also aid in keeping the hot summer rays away from your home interior. Often, small simple actions can make a huge difference in how much you take advantage of your Adelaide air conditioning.

3. Avoid Cooking Hot Meals or Baking

There’s a good reason why fresh fruits and cold meals are so popular in the summer. These meals not only give you a cool sensation in your mouth. The real magic is that by preparing raw meals instead of cooking you’ll keep your home comfy! Baking or cooking any type of hot meal requires heat. The thing is that heat doesn’t stay confined in the oven or stovetop. Instead, it dissipates through your living space. So, if you want to keep cool, lay off the cookies and pot roast for a few months.

4. Opt for White Everything

Fun fact: dark colours absorb more light and heat. That means that if you have dark colours around your home and wear dark clothing, you’ll absorb more of the heat in the atmosphere. On the other hand, by dressing in white colours and opting for white home exteriors you can keep your home cooler through the summer.

5. Use Cool Fabrics in Your Bedding

Breathable cotton is your best friend during summer nights. Silk or synthetic fabrics tend to be less airy and retain more heat. Using the latter type of materials is a sure recipe for sweaty summer nights. If you want comfortable nights of sleep, opt for cool fabrics for your bedding and other textiles.

Tired of Long Sweaty Nights? Find an Air Conditioning System for Your Adelaide Home!

At Air Conditioning Warehouse Sales, we have a wide range of air conditioning solutions! Check them out and go back to enjoying summer.